TS 10th Anniversary Hand Towel Set
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TS 10th Anniversary Hand Towel Set

2,700 JPY

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* Early 9/2019 〜 Late 9/2019 scheduled shipping.

2 piece set of square hand towels which matches driver’s cap and driver’s tee, using high quality cotton material certified “Imabari” standard, that is renowned worldwide by its softness and good water absorbency. • Material: 100% cotton • Size: 34 cm x 34 cm • Made in Japan “Pre-order” This product is estimated to be shipped around the end of September. Please note a possible delay due to unseen reasons. If you have an order for in-stock items, they will only be dispatched in one package when “pre-order” items are ready. Overseas shipping cost includes packaging, US Import Duty and courier costs.